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Car Wash - Griot's Garage

Car Wash - Griot's Garage

$ 4.99

Washing your vehicle is perhaps the most important step in car care to get right and Griot's Garage Car Wash is engineered to ensure success. Our super-concentrated formula delivers 2 gallons of high-sudsing lubricity per ounce, safely lifting dirt and grime preventing swirls and scratches. Safe for all finishes (including matte paint and wraps). The 16 ounce bottle creates 32 gallons of sudsing wash, and the gallon gives you a whopping 256 gallons, making it the best bang for your buck of any of our car washes!


Car Wash
pH balanced and safe for all finishes.

Product Information:

  • Safe for all types of paint
  • Contains no detergents, so it will not strip wax
  • Highly Concentrated (1 ounce of Car Wash per 2 gallons of water)
  • Environmentally thoughtful (pH Neutral and Biodegradable)

What's in your car wash?
Many car washes on the market contain detergents similar to those found in dish soap. These detergents do more than just clean your car. They break down your wax, stripping it away and leaving your paint dull and unprotected. Griot's Garage Car Wash does not contain detergents. It is rich in lubricants that lift the dirt off your paint and safely remove it from the surface without stripping your wax or leaving swirl marks behind.

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