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Best of Show Wax - Griot's Garage

Best of Show® Wax - Griot's Garage

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Color, depth and clarity. Three factors any concours judge looks for when scrutinizing paint. Of the three, clarity (or lack of it, called "hazing") is the most important. Poor clarity is caused by cheap silicones, inferior sealants, and poor chemistry. Best of Show® is a carnauba-based liquid wax that produces incredible color, depth, and clarity with just one application. Concours participants will appreciate that even with multiple coats, surface clarity is retained, depth is enhanced, and swirl marks disappear. The heavy carnauba content means a little goes a long way, and as long as it's put on thin, it's easy to take off. For best results, use a Red Foam Waxing Pad by hand or better, with our Random Orbitals. Enjoy the finest liquid carnauba wax available. We don't call it "Best of Show" for nothing.


Best of Show® Wax
Liquid carnauba for maximum color, depth & clarity.


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